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Safe Site Solutions

Several challenges arise when working in heavy industries, but the most prominent challenge is finding mobile, safe and OSHA-compliant equipment. Accessing high-up places to load/unload equipment or navigate areas above ground can be extremely dangerous if the stairs used aren’t the correct measurements – you would be putting your crew and your process at risk.

Northern Platforms offers easy access-loading and unloading solutions to eliminate the risk of work injuries or mishaps. Our prefabricated platforms are a fantastic way to avoid such dangers while boosting your ROI and improving your overall efficiency. ErectaStep is the perfect solution for all sizes and can be used in multiple applications without the need for custom fabrication. Learn more about our safe site solutions below!

One Solution, Unlimited Applications

ErectaStep is easy to configure and assemble to adapt to any application, featuring modular, lightweight aluminum components. The prefabricated metal stairs bolt together with a simple wrench, without the need for welding, special tools or cranes. No matter the application, the ErectaStep will step up to the challenge.

Cost and Time Efficient Solution

Why spend precious time and money on ordering, designing and customizing engineered systems when you can install the ErectaStep in a fraction of the time? The metal stairs and platforms not only cost less than a custom-engineered system but they are also designed and installed in no time. Our prefabricated metal stairs will speed up your production process and increase your ROI compared to custom fabrication.

Start To Finish Support

Our team of experienced professionals will visit your site, identify the challenges, design a product to suit your goals and ensure the job is completed seamlessly. With our latest custom configuration tool, our team is able to show you detailed drawings of the solution in just a few minutes. Our cutting edge modelling tool enables you to see the exact measurements of the final product before it’s installed, as well as offers you an accurate quote based off the drawing.

Long Term Peace Of Mind

With the ErectaStep solution, you no longer have to worry about comparing the prices, efficiency and durability of permanent and temporary solutions. Prefabricated platforms offer you the best of both worlds. ErectaStep is a long-lasting, durable solution that can easily be moved across the site with minimal complications. Sacrificing performance for portable solutions is a thing of the past; with ErectaStep, you can move your portable access equipment with ease.

Safe Site Access Solutions

Northern Platforms has been proudly supplying leading access solutions for the last 20 years. With an extensive inventory featuring prefabricated platforms, loading racks, loading arms and more, Northern Platforms is dedicated to offering our customers exceptional service and assisting with turnkey installation and preventative maintenance.

Contact Northern Platforms today to learn more about our prefabricated platform solutions!