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Safe and Efficient Railcar Loading Solutions

Several industries across the globe depend on rail transportation. Terminals and loading/unloading operations are in need of efficient railcar platforms that are durable, safe and cost-effective. Whether you’re transporting grains, carrying coal & steel, or even moving gasoline & diesel across, railcar platforms are essential for the shipping and railcar transportation industry.

Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s leading source for safe access solutions, and we feature an extensive inventory of solutions, including SafeRacks railcar loading platforms. Not only are we proud to be the exclusive distributor for SafeRack products in Western Canada, but our team also offers turnkey installation and preventative maintenance assistance to all our customers. Read on to learn more about our SafeRack railcar loading platforms.

Railcar Loading Platforms

When operating a dedicated rail yard or servicing a couple of cars at the facility, using a railcar loading platform offers you an easier and safer loading process. Unfortunately, the size and structure of railcars create many challenges and hazards that put your worksite, crew, and freight at risk. To avoid any work-related injuries, health & safety experts advise using railcar platforms or gangways to ensure safety and smooth production.

The “Safe” In SafeRack Railcar Platforms Is A Necessity

Given the size and weight of railcars, having a safe loading platform is a necessary solution for your worksite, your crew and your freight. Loading and unloading become much easier and safer with the access of a platform purely designed to handle any unique challenges associated with railcars. Loading racks and loading platforms include several features to provide your worksite with the necessary safety while maintaining smooth operation, including:

  • Railcar access gangways and safety cages
  • Tracking gangway system to allow for railcar mis-spotting
  • Operator buildings & safety showers to provide your crew protection
  • Loading and unloading arms
  • Dry disconnect fittings
  • Railyard safety items including blue flags and wheel chocks
  • Spill containment track pans

In any industry, ensuring the safety of your crew and the worksite is not an option. Having safe and well thought out loading and unloading solutions will help reduce the risk of falls and other dangerous work injuries that can occur in loading sites.

Avoid Spillage 

When loading/unloading railcars, there is a possibility of leakage or spilling during the process. A few drops might not seem like a danger to the worksite or crew; however, it is required to contain the drips or spills that occur. To properly prevent the spillage, Northern Platform proudly offers a wide variety of spill containment solutions from Ultratech International, including railcar track pans.

Looking For Safe Railcar Loading Solutions?

Contact Northern Platforms today to learn more about our loading/unloading solutions. We are dedicated to creating a safer and more efficient work environment for all industries.