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Reach New Heights of Success with ErectaStep

When it comes to navigating complex job sites, ensuring efficiency, and upholding the most stringent safety standards, Northern Platforms has you covered. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been Western Canada’s leading choice for safe access solutions, all the way from the Prairies to BC’s beautiful shoreline. As a vetted supplier, we take pride in partnering with the best manufacturers in the business, including brands like ErectaStep. Trusted by leading companies and product manufacturers across the world, ErectaStep is well known for its innovation, commitment to exceptional quality, and longevity. As one of the most in-demand makers of modular access systems, rolling stairs, ladders, and swing gates worldwide, ErectaStep has earned its reputation as an industry leader. Learn more about the benefits of choosing ErectaStep, as well as partnering with Northern Platforms, below!

Solutions You Can Trust

We all know that there’s no shortage of solutions on the market, but finding the perfect fit between attractive price points and exceptional performance is a challenge. ErectaStep removes this difficulty, and over the past 20 years, they have consistently changed the safety game through innovation and set a higher bar for competitors for stair kits and more. ErectaStep’s prefabricated and modular industrial stairs offer the following benefits:

  • Ready for use: No more hassle when it comes to setting up solutions! Using five components, ErectaStep stairs can be quickly assembled and require no fabrication, meaning that you won’t have to worry about headaches or unnecessary downtime.
  • Reusable: ErectaStep industrial platform and stair systems can be easily unbolted, moved, and reconfigured into unlimited, expandable safety solutions for your convenience.
  • Instant Visualization: Northern Platforms is happy to help you find the perfect fit for your site by having a representative visit your site, take measurements and prepare a 3D image on a tablet for you to visualize. From there, we can easily have your quote prepared and equipment shipped as quickly as possible.
  • OSHA/OH&S Compliance: safety comes first at ErectaStep, and OSHA/OH&S compliance is built into all products, giving you peace of mind.
  • Long Life of Service. ErectaStep stairs and platform systems are durable and long-lasting aluminum, which means less maintenance costs over time, and far better ROI.

Built-in Diversity

For those in need of versatile solutions, you’ll be pleased by the diversity offered by ErectaStep’s solutions. All prefabricated rolling stairs and platforms are able to be used for a wide range of applications, including safely moving workers and equipment to and from areas that would be difficult to access without assistance. This makes them particularly valuable where crossover setups are necessary, as well as where HVAC systems and packaging lines are concerned. ErectaStep’s products are modular, and when all pieces are combined, the end result is a sturdy, cost-effective setup that ensures your operations are as smooth and safe as possible.

Northern Platforms is proud to carry ErectaStep’s products, as well as additional solutions like YellowGate Self Closing Safety Gates for pairing with modular access systems. When you need products that allow you to run as smoothly as possible, we’ve got you covered!

Ready to learn more about ErectaStep? Contact our team today!