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OPW Engineered Systems for A Safer Site

Transporting liquids, hydrocarbons and gases can cause several risks on the worksite. There is always the possibility of fluid leakage or dripping during transport, resulting in harmful damage to the equipment, worksite but more importantly to your crew! Critical hazardous chemicals should be handled with care to ensure the safety and efficiency of production.

Northern Platforms is proud to offer OPW Engineered Systems suitable for all heavy industries. As OPW’s largest distributor in Canada with a wide variety of inventory on hand, we are ready to help you take on all of your liquid handling operations. With OPW Engineered Systems, Northern Platforms ensures safe and efficient operation of all fluid-handling operations. Read on to learn how OPW Engineered Systems enhance business performance and offer a safe-site environment.

What is OPW? 

OPW has been revolutionizing fluid-handling operations all over the world since 1892. OPW works to help provide the necessary protection needed for people and the environment, including rail and transport tank truck equipment, loading systems, integrated flexible piping and more! By providing a comprehensive inventory of solutions, OPW is able to design and manufacture industry-leading fluid-handling solutions to enhance your workflow. Northern Platforms’ OPW solutions include:

  • OPW Loading Arm Systems
  • OPW Swivel Joints
  • OPW Quick & Dry Disconnects
  • OPW Process Products

With the ISO-9000 certification, OPW engineered Systems has solutions that ensure the highest level of performance is maintained throughout the production process cycle.

Northern Platforms OPW Engineered Systems

OPW products are suitable for various applications, including top-loading, bottom-loading, and cryogenic. Their systems are designed to meet a wide range of requirements, from the simple demands of drum-filling applications to the more complex, high-volume loading and unloading requirements. If you’re looking for equipment that is manufactured and designed to provide novel solutions to transport hazardous products and bulk waste materials safely, Northern Platforms is the company to call!

Loading Arms

Our custom engineered solutions for loading operations use loading arms with loading platforms to provide a safe, tailored system for your production process. Our team of experienced regional sales managers is able to design OPW Engineered Systems specifically for the application at hand, including rail car loading and tank truck loading applications. With our top-end loading arms from the industry-leader, we ensure your loading arm installation is productive and safe.

Quick & Dry Disconnect Fittings

The transport of hazardous chemicals should be done with care to avoid any work injuries. Designed by OPW Engineered Systems, our quick & dry disconnect fittings are used to help prevent liquid spillage, transfer liquid and safely transport volatile liquids across your entire loading or terminal operation. No matter the fluid application, our quick & dry fittings ensure the safety of your crew and enhance the production process. Whether you’re looking for Kamvalok® or Autolok ® fittings, Northern Platforms’ products avert accidental spills and contamination on your worksite.

Swivel Joints

The Endura ™ Dual Split Flange (8000 series) swivel joint and general-purpose swivel joint (3000 series) represent the best OPW Engineered System manufacture of swivel technology. Available in several sizes, materials and styles, Northern Platforms; swivel joints can virtually meet any application. Safely transfer the hazardous materials, including acids, solvents and petrochemicals, with our 8000 series Endura ™ Dual Split Flange.

Ensure Safe Production with Northern Platforms Today

Since 2002, Northern Platforms have been proud to provide high-quality equipment and services supported by strong and committed customer service. We have partnered with many industry leaders to ensure the smooth production of your systems by eliminating the challenges.

Northern Platforms carries a wide range of OPW Engineered Systems suitable for all applications. Contact us today to learn about our products and services throughout Western Canada.