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Northern Platforms Your Trusted Source for Truck Loading Platforms

When safely accessing trucks and trailers, your business needs truck loading platforms you can depend on. Fortunately, Northern Platform’s extensive inventory and partnerships are here to help narrow down the best safe access solutions for your business. Our team has decades of experience assisting operations like yours in determining the best possible fall protection and secure access platforms for your unique operations. Below we’ll discuss further what truck loading platforms are and two great options from SafeRack. Continue reading to learn more about truck access platforms from Northern Platforms!

What Are Truck Loading Platforms?

Truck loading platforms, known as truck access platforms or truck loading racks, are essentially a platform with a staircase or ladder-like structure that allows your employees to safely reach the tops of trucks and their trailers safely. Many companies will utilize scaffolding to manage the loading and unloading of trucks. However, that is a costly and unsafe option we at Northern Platforms would not recommend. Instead, using a truck loading platform with a SafeRack SAS gangway unit is best. Whether your employees are using truck access platforms to take samples, load, or unload a truck, ensuring they can safely access the trucks they’re working on is essential for your operations. At Northern Platforms, our team of experienced sales reps can assist you in determining the best possible truck loading platform for your business.

SafeRack’s Truck Loading Platforms

As Western Canada’s premier distributor of SafeRack products, Northern Platforms is proud to put safety first. Your operations need high-quality safety equipment you can trust, and SafeRack’s access solutions are built to perform! With a reputation for safety, quality and performance, SafeRack’s SAS and MAUI truck loading platforms from Northern Platforms are sure to add value and security to your business. Next, we’ll cover some benefits of using the SAS and the MAUI.


The Self-Adjusting Stair or SAS from SafeRack is perfect for operations that deal with a range of truck heights. Since the stairs are self-levelling and articulating, you can get a custom-fitted truck loading platform without having to go through the hassle of dismantling and reassembling the platform. The SAS also features a positive lift and lower system that keeps operators and drivers safe while the platform is in use. In addition, the SAS is designed for a long operating life as the one-piece stair has fewer weld points than many competing products. Along with its exceptional design, the SAS can be retrofitted to be a perfect replacement for your worn-out truck loading platforms.


Another great option to consider is SafeRack’s MAUI mobile access unit portable platform. Designed with portability and durability in mind, the MAUI is a dependable truck loading platform that features a 500-pound load capacity. Like the SAS, the MAUI can accommodate a range of truck heights and applications as it has a telescoping ladder. The MAUI is built with excellent materials and high-quality components, so regardless if you’re using this unit in the field or in-house, the MAUI is sure to last.

Loading Platforms and More at Northern Platforms

As a Canadian family-owned and operated business, Northern Platforms understands the importance of safety regarding fall protection and safe access solutions. Our team has decades of experience working with operations just like yours. It’s our highest priority to ensure you have the best quality fall protection and safe access solutions you need to keep your worksite safe. In addition to our partnership with SafeRack, Northern Platforms is proud to be a trusted distributor for ErectaStep, RollaStep, and more! Aside from our extensive inventory, we also offer turnkey installation services, preventative maintenance support, and outstanding customer service. From our family to yours, let Northern Platforms assist you in determining to best possible safe access solutions for your business and workers.

Are you interested in learning more about our truck loading platforms? Contact Northern Platforms today!