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Northern Platforms Your Source for Industrial Catwalks

Abiding by Canadian workplace safety standards is crucial for your workers and place of business, regardless of what industry you operate in. But with the right tools and equipment in place, you can significantly reduce the risks faced by your employees. Industrial catwalks, otherwise called access platforms and stairs, can help you properly abide by government regulations and provide several benefits to you and your employees. At Northern Platforms, our line of ErectaStep access platforms and stairs can be your safety solutions. Continue reading to learn more about how ErectaStep industrial catwalks can improve your workplace safety, increase worker efficiency, and more!

What is a Catwalk?

An industrial catwalk is a safety walkway that facilitates the movement of workers and equipment from one location to another. Typically, industrial catwalks, also called access catwalks or access platforms and stairs, function as aisles or walkways within a warehouse or industrial building. These safety walkways enable workers to access hard-to-reach areas safely and conveniently. In the case of manufacturing operations, industrial catwalks make accessing goods and inventory simple. This is especially crucial as many manufacturing facilities typically need a network of pathways to navigate machines, materials, and workstations.

At Northern Platforms, we carry a range of safe access solutions that can easily be implemented in your workplace. Our ErectaStep brand offers a range of configurations and is a great replacement option for temporary scaffolding. We also have a demo trailer so you can see precisely how ErectaStep can improve your site accessibility.

How Catwalks Keep Your Crew Safe

Industrial catwalks are an integral part of the industrial and commercial fields as they provide a range of operational, logistical, and economic benefits. One of their most significant advantages is their flexibility and increased worker efficiency and safety. These safe access platforms are incredibly helpful in reducing emergency evacuation times as they can provide shortcuts across your facility. Access Platforms, like ErectaStep, also increase your workers’ safety by reducing skipping, dropping, slipping, and fall risks. All of our systems come with a 42″ high handrail and a 6″ high toe plate. As a standard handrails/railings are powder coated safety yellow.

Northern Platform’s range of ErectaStep products can improve the safety and navigation of your facility through its versatile design. ErectaStep is made from prefabricated metal stairs, metalwork platforms, industrial handrails, aluminum stairs/ladders, and tower support. When all five of these innovative modular frameworks are combined, you can easily bolt together (no fabrication required!) a network of safe access paths. At Northern Platforms, we know that the safety and security of your employees are vital; that’s why our sales team can visit your site to determine the best possible safe access solutions for your business. While onsite, using our configurator app, our team can model your system and show your drawings of the proposed solution while on site so you can see in real-time what our ErectaStep products can do for you!

Your Source for Industrial Catwalks

Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s premier source for safe access solutions. Based in Leduc, Alberta, Northern Platforms has been providing businesses with gangways, platform systems, work platforms, crossovers, and more since 2002. Our team is excited to provide exceptional customer service and unbeatable products to keep your workplace safe. With top brands like ErectaStep and SafeRack in stock, Northern Platforms will have the safety access solutions you know and trust. We also offer a range of services, including turnkey installation and preventative maintenance, along with our extensive inventory. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can make your workplace safer and more efficient. Don’t forget to book a complimentary onsite demonstration with our demo trailer!