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Need Portable Building Stairs? Northern Platforms Has You Covered!

Do you have a job trailer or modular office building currently using scaffolding or wooden stairs? Are you looking for a cost-effective, innovative, and durable temporary access solution that outperforms wooden stairs and scaffolding? Northern Platforms has you covered with our offering of ErectaStep temporary building stairs!

These stairs offer construction companies, temporary jobsites, and industrial facilities the access solution they need with the ability to be easily transferred from application to application. However, there are other benefits as well! Below we’ll discuss the benefits and the specifications of portable building stairs from ErectaStep. Keep reading to learn more!

Quality Access Solutions

At Northern Platforms, our team understands how critical it is to have the access solutions you need to keep your employees and worksite safe. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry leaders in the access solutions industry. Manufacturers such as ErectaStep craft high-quality, innovative access solutions that dramatically reduce the risks of trips, slips, and falls in your facility.

In particular, ErectaStep is well-known for offering pre-engineered and pre-manufactured access stairs. Each of their portable stairs is created using advanced lase-cutting technology and patent-pending designs to provide superior performance and longevity. Moreover, ErectaStep’s International Building Code (IBC) compliant portable building stairs series are a convenient and straightforward way to ensure accessibility to your work trailers, weigh stations, and more. At Northern Platforms, we are proud to provide our customers with incredible ErectaStep access solutions. Next, we’ll get into the specs of ErectaStep’s portable building stairs.

Meet ErectaStep’s Portable Building Stairs

ErectaStep’s portable stairs, otherwise known as portable building stairs or portable catwalks, are a great way to provide temporary access to job trailers, modular office buildings, weigh stations, construction sites, temporary housing, and more. These portable building stairs are manufactured from rugged galvanized steel. They are powder-coated to ensure longevity in interior or exterior applications.

ErectaStep manufactures two models of these stairs, one compliant with OHSA/ OH&S regulations and one that meets IBC standards and regulations. However, both models are available in seven sizes ranging from 28” to 63”. Moreover, these portable building stairs feature adjustable legs, which can be height adjusted to compensate for uneven surfaces or to be level with your door or access point. So when you need high-quality, safety regulation-compliant, and innovative portable building stairs, Northern Platforms has you covered!

Safe Access Solutions and More from Northern Platforms

Many industrial facilities, construction sites, weigh stations, landfills, and more can benefit from utilizing portable building stairs from Northern Platforms. With numerous portable catwalks and stair models available at Northern Platforms, our team is here to help you find the best one to fit your needs. In addition to our offering of ErectaStep portable catwalks and building stairs, we are proud to offer a variety of safe access solutions from manufacturers such as OPW Engineered Systems, SafeRack, YellowGate and others! With turnkey services also available at Northern Platforms, our all-Canadian family-owned and operated business is sure to be your one-stop shop for safe access solutions and more!

Contact us today to learn more about our offering of ErectaStep’s portable building stairs.