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Maximize Safety and Minimize Injuries with RollaStep

Fall and ladder-related injuries are all too common workplace accidents. However, with the proper safe access solutions, you can reduce the chance of a fall injury or ladder accident in your facility. At Northern Platforms, we are proud to offer a wide range of RollaStep rolling stairs that not only improve the safety of your worksite but can also improve your workers’ efficiency and ability to access particular areas of your facility. Next, we’ll look at some of the RollaStep rolling stairs we stock at Northern Platforms and some applications they can help with. Continue reading to learn more about Northern Platforms’ inventory of rolling stairs!

Rolling Stair Options from Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, we are proud of our numerous partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers like RollaStep. Our team can offer customers cost-effective, safe access solutions for various industries and applications through these partnerships. Below we’ll take a closer look at some of Northern Platforms’ inventory of RollaStep rolling stairs.

The Tilt and Roll

Compared to a standard ladder, RollaStep’s Tilt and Roll mobile ladder stands are portable and self-supporting. These handy rolling stairs feature wide flat steps and a small platform for one worker. The RollaStep Tilt and Roll has enough room for an operator, tools, parts, and space to spare. While the handrails ensure stability while workers travel up or down, the toe boards and mid-rails guarantee safety and compliance at several heights. So when your workers need to access something at a height, the Tilt and Roll from Northern Platforms is a great option.

The G Series

The RollaStep G Series is an innovative rolling stair that is height adjustable and self-levelling. The G Series is an excellent option for facilities where workers need safe and compliant access to surfaces at varying heights within your facility. Instead of investing in multiple rolling stairs, with the G Series, your operators can work at the correct height in numerous locations with a single rolling stair. This rolling stair features wise steps and a 6sq ft. platform to ensure safety and efficiency. When your facility requires employees to work at varying heights, the RollaStep G Series is an excellent choice!

The C Series

The RollaStep C Series cantilever rolling stairs is a great safe access solution for operators that need to get above, on, or over railcars, tank trucks, and other tall machinery. These rolling stairs’ durable steel base provides excellent counterbalance, while the lightweight aluminum upper body ensures ease of use for your workers. Designed to quickly and easily be moved from location to location, the C Series is a fantastic safe access rolling stair solution for numerous industries and facilities!

The MP Series

Finally, the RollaStep MP Series perfectly blends a mobile rolling stair and a durable fixed work platform. This rolling stair features a large work platform that can safely accommodate multiple workers and equipment without compromising efficiency or compliance. Moreover, the MP Series is a versatile and configurable rolling stair that can be utilized for flatbed fall protection and more!

Rolling Stairs from Northern Platforms

Since our humble beginnings in 2002, Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s trusted source for RollaStep rolling stairs and more. Northern Platforms is a family-owned and operated company that offers the highest quality safe access solutions your operations need to ensure your site and workers are safe. So when you need rolling stairs, mobile work platforms, loading arms, or another safe access solution, Northern Platforms has you covered! Contact us today to learn more about our inventory of RollaStep rolling stairs.