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Keep Your Worksite Safe with Crossover Stairs from Northern Platforms

Have you noticed your staff making risky moves to navigate your facility better? If so, it’s vital that you seek out the proper safe access solutions to protect your staff, equipment, and facility. At Northern Platforms, our team can assist you in determining the safest possible access solutions for your operations. Often the answer may be as simple as utilizing a crossover stair in a strategic location. Below we’ll discuss more regarding crossover stairs from Northern Platforms. Continue reading to learn more!

Why Use Crossover Stairs?

Crossover stairs, commonly referred to as crossover ladders, platforms, or bridges, are designed to provide staff with a safe and direct path across obstacles or hazards in your facility. These stairs and platforms can come in various configurations and materials to best fit your particular applications.

At Northern Platforms, our team can assist you in determining the best possible configuration for your facility and workers. It’s simply human nature to take the most straightforward course of action, even if that means putting yourself in danger’s way. However, you can prevent accidents with industrial crossover stairs from SafeRack and ErectaStep. These crossover stairs feature a lightweight and innovative design that you can customize to your specific facility and needs. Next, we’ll take a deeper look at ErectaStep crossover stairs and their modular design.

Get a Custom Fit with ErectaStep!

Crossover stairs from SafeRack’s ErectaStep line are incredibly versatile and customizable. Regardless of your application’s height or length clearance requirements, you can bolt these access platforms together without and special tools or equipment. They can provide up to 9′ span without a tower support, giving you plenty of space to navigate. If your worksite requires more space to clear large obstructions or longer distances, ErectaStep is up for the challenge! Bolt four or more platforms with the necessary tower support on each end of your crossover stairs and take a safe and secure step across. In addition to the customizability of ErectaStep crossover stairs, there are several other benefits. The additional benefits of crossover stairs are as follows:

  • More Affordable– the modular design means engineering costs are essentially eliminated.
  • OSHA and OH&S Compliant– ErectaStep crossover stairs are built to comply with OHSA and OH&S safety standards regardless of their assembled configuration.
  • 3D Mapping Available– our team at Northern Platforms can digitally map your crossover stairs before you purchase. So you know precisely what to expect and how everything will assemble.
  • Built to Last– the crossover stairs from ErectaStep are innovatively designed with heavy-duty aluminum, which reduces the number of weld points and strengthens the overall system.

At Northern Platforms, our crossover stairs and platforms can provide your crew with safe passage around hazards, obstructions, and other challenging zones in your facility. ErectaStep’s five modular components can significantly add to your facility due to their incredibly versatile nature and configurations. So if you’re looking to create a better workflow, navigation-ability, and safety conditions, consider ErectaStep crossover stairs from Northern Platforms.

Access Solutions at Your Fingertips

Warehouses, industrial plant sites, manufacturing facilities & more can experience incredible safety and productivity benefits by utilizing crossover stairs from Northern Platforms. In addition to our line of crossover platforms, we offer a range of other access solutions like swing gates, rolling steps, loading arms, and so much more. Contact Northern Platforms today to check out our range of crossover stairs from SafeRack and ErectaStep.

We look forward to partnering with you to increase your facility’s safety, accessibility, and productivity!