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Keep it Rollin’ With ErectaStep Stairs

Does your business require modular platforms and stairs to facilitate safe access, easy loading, storage access and more? At Northern Platforms, we’re proud to supply Western Canada with access to leading safe loading and rolling stair solutions from brands like ErectaStep & RollaStep. As one of the top names in the business, ErectaStep & RollaStep products are known for their superior performance, long-lasting designs, and ease of use. Rolling stairs bring a multitude of benefits to any job site, and help to enhance safety as well as efficiency. Below, we’ll explore just a few of the perks of working with rolling stairs. Read on to learn more!

1. Enhanced Mobility

Rolling ladders are fantastic for job sites where you find yourself constantly needing to transfer your equipment from place to place. When you need to be on the go on a regular basis, rolling ladders allow you to move back and forth with ease, without having to constantly tear down and set up. The end result is a much more productive workplace and a product that will always have your back when it matters most.

2. Increased Safety

Ladders of all kinds will always have a certain amount of risk, but rolling ladders are much more stable, reducing most of the common dangers associated with using them. As rolling ladders do not need to lean against walls, there is less chance that they will slip and roll, and the overall safety ratio for workers is much higher. ErectaStep ladders & RollaStep rolling ladders can often be paired with safety gates and fall protection, further reducing the risks that can be presented while working at heights.

Because of the design of rolling ladders, in particular their stability, such platforms are ideal in warehouses, industrial plants, airplane hangers, transportation facilities and a wide array of other worksites where constant movement and cargo transport are a reality.

3. Convenient storage

There’s nothing worse than bulky equipment that causes more issues than benefits, but fortunately, rolling ladders can often be easily stored in small spaces, maximizing convenience alongside performance. ErectaStep and RollaStep rolling platforms are a breeze to store and always ensure you’ll have the extra floor space you need when they’re not in use.

Rolling Platforms and More at Northern Platforms

Ready to learn more about ErectaStep and our available rolling stairs? Contact our team today! With nearly 20 years of industry experience behind your belt and an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, you can always count on Northern Platforms to keep your operations rolling smoothly!