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How Truck Access Platforms Improve Job Safety

If your current truck loading setup is inefficient and provides inadequate access safely, now is the time to consider a truck access platform from Northern Platforms. You know how vital a secure loading platform is for your operations in managing the loading/unloading of railcars and trucks. With operational health and safety regulations regularly being updated, it’s essential to provide your employees with a work environment that is safe and secure. Truck access platforms from Northern Platforms offer a range of benefits such as increased safety and efficiency. Below you’ll learn how truck access platforms improve your workplaces’ safety and some of the SafeRack truck access products Northern Platforms carries—continue reading to learn more!

What Are Truck Access Platforms?

Truck access platforms or truck loading racks allow your employees to safely access the tops of trucks. Whether your employees are going on top of the truck to load the truck, unload the truck or even take a sample of the product inside the truck, ensuring their safety while on top of the truck is critical. At Northern Platforms, we offer a range of safe access solutions that will fit your application based on your individual needs. Whether you’re working in a manufacturing facility and need a truck loading racks and gangways to safely get on top of trucks to load them, or if you’re looking for a solution that is portable that makes loading and unloading simple, we are excited to find you the access solutions you need to get the job done.

Stay Safe

Canadian safety regulations regarding loading and unloading have become more stringent over time. Businesses nowadays must be aware of how strictly enforced these regulations have become to guarantee everyone’s safety. Truck access platforms or safety platforms support compliance with safety regulations and enhance the efficiency of your operations. Your workplace will be ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way by minimizing risk and maximizing security. From heavy-duty safety cages and platforms to swing gates and more, Northern Platforms is sure to have the access solutions you need to keep your employees safe.

SafeRack Truck Access Platforms

At Northern Platforms, we believe in “safety first,” that’s why we supply our clients with the highest quality safety equipment available. We are proud to be Western Canada’s exclusive distributor for SafeRack products. SafeRacks’s safe access solutions have a reputation for quality and performance; below, we’ll discuss two of their truck access solutions; the Self-Adjusting Stairs (SAS) and the MAUI.


SafeRack’s Self-Adjusting Stairs (SAS) are perfect for applications where you’re dealing with a range of truck heights. The SAS articulates and is able to self-level, so getting a custom-fit is no problem. The SAS also has a few notable features that genuinely make it stand out, such as a positive lift and lower system that automatically protects drivers and operators. The SAS is built to last with a one-piece stair design that reduces the number of weld points. In addition to its rugged design, SafeRack’s Self-Adjusting Stairs can easily be retrofitted to replace your old truck access platforms.


SafeRack’s MAUI mobile loading platform is an excellent option if you’re looking for maneuverability and strength. This truck access platform is portable and built with durable materials, so it will be a dependable addition to your safe access equipment for years to come. Since the MAUI is made with such high-quality components, it also requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money as downtime for repairs is reduced. The MAUI also features a 500-pound load capacity and a telescoping ladder which can extend to fit a range of heights and applications. The versatile nature of the MAUI is handy as you can reconfigure it in the field. So if you’re loading trucks or railcars, this mobile loading platform is an excellent option.

Your Source for Safe Access Solutions

Our team at Northern Platforms is proud to be Western Canada’s premier source for SafeRack products. With a range of SafeRack, ErectaStep, YellowStep products and more, we are positive our extensive inventory will have the safe access solutions you need. Contact us today to learn more about SafeRack’s truck access platforms and how our team can configure a custom truck loading solution for you on-site.