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How to Prevent Railcar Loading Accidents

Did you know that each year, countless workplace safety incidences occur as the result of insufficient fall protection practices and solutions being present on the job site? Falls are among the most dangerous occurrences that can happen while loading or unloading your products to/from railcars, and the aftermath of an accident can have serious repercussions for your business in the long term. At Northern Platforms, we believe in providing our clients across Western Canada with safe access and loading solutions that make it easy to perform your day-to-day operations with minimal risk and maximizing productivity.

With many of our clients having railcar loading or unloading operations on their site, we understand the many unique challenges posed by loading railcars. While using loading platforms and loading arms go a long way toward minimizing risk, knowing how to proactively reduce the chances for accidents or fatalities is a must for every company. Below, we’ll detail three of the key ways you can help keep your worksite safe while dealing with railcars. Read on to learn more!

Prevention is Your Best Protection

As anyone familiar with the OSHA standards will know, when it comes to preventing worksite accidents, prevention is the best defence. While you will almost always find aspects that need to be improved over time, diligence and awareness are your two biggest assets when it comes to mitigating risk and creating a space that’s safe for everyone on site.

Railcars pose unique challenges to safety practices due to the many configurations they come in. The variances between railcars can make it hard for employees to be protected. Railcar lengths, heights, crash box sizes & variances all need to be taken into consideration when designing a safe loading or unloading station. With that being said, forethought, planning, and the right tools will help you keep everyone safe and set up for success.

Safely Equipped

One of the most important parts of injury prevention is using the right equipment that allows you to navigate railcars safely. Loading platforms, tracking gangways, safety cages and additional fall protection go a long way to reducing risk and keeping your crew efficient. And don’t forget before you do anything you need to chock the wheels on your railcar and set up your blue flag! Partnering with an experienced team like Northern Platform makes it easy to find exactly what pieces you need for your specific set-up, and allows you to have the peace of mind of knowing that all products will perform exactly as promised.

Train, Train, Train

Even with the right equipment in place, you should always ensure that all members of your crew have adequate training to know how to safely navigate your equipment, safety gear such as harness, and come equipped with their own PPE as required. Education is one of the most important parts of setting the foundation for a safe worksite and gives your team confidence as well as reassurance that they know what is required of them to get the job done with minimal risks.

Know the Challenges of Your Site

Every worksite is different, as are the needs of the railcars you have coming and going. Be aware of any challenges, limitations and special considerations you need to deal with be it from your facility, your cargo, or anything else you deal with. Thinking three steps ahead will save you time and money in the long run, not to mention keep everyone safe, happy and healthy!

Ready to Design the Perfect Railcar Safety Set Up?

Northern Platforms is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our available solutions.