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How to Decide Between Loading Arms

Are you looking to increase the efficiency and safety of your loading operations? With inventory facing all-time highs in demand, 2022 is the perfect time to focus on streamlining your business performance and optimizing your efficiency. Loading arms are a valuable resource to any company handling gases or liquids, and help keep your process safe while expediting delivery at the same time.

Northern Platforms is proud to be one of Western Canada’s top providers of loading arms, loading solutions and safety access equipment and we proud to bring you products from industry leaders including OPW Engineered Systems, Emco Wheaton, SafeRack and more. Below, we’ll discuss some of the main aspects you’ll want to consider when choosing the appropriate loading arms for your applications. Read on to learn more.

Know the Different Types

Loading arms come in two different variables: top and bottom loading arms. Bottom loading arms allow the operator to remain on the ground for better safety, and utilize a robust swivel joint with spring balance to allow for longer reach and increased access to connections on the truck or railcar. Top loading arms have more options available and can be purchased as either a single fixed reach, scissor arms, boom arms and more, each of which has its own advantage serve your operations in different ways.

Regardless of which model you choose, loading arms have multiple benefits for your business, and can help your production move along faster than ever before.


Loading arms are, first and foremost, designed for ease of use and handling. When determining if your existing loading racks are compatible with arms over ordinary hoses, you’ll want to focus on how integration will work with your existing setup. Loading arms offered by the different manufacturers that we represent are highly adaptable and easy to install/integrate with existing equipment like gangways, platforms and loading racks, meaning that you’ll face fewer headaches and minimal risk while in use.

Loading Arms and more at Northern Platforms

Northern Platforms is proud to offer a wide variety of loading arm options, including top and bottom loading arms from OPW Engineered Systems and Emco Wheaton Canada. Designed for optimal performance, these loading arm systems are perfect for loading and unloading petroleum products, chemicals and liquefied gases and offer benefits such as quicker connections and seamless integration with existing loading operations.

As Western Canada’s leading source for safe access equipment and loading solutions, Northern Platforms is proud to supply numerous loading arm products to our clients from top industry manufacturers. View our loading arm inventory here, or learn more by contacting us today!