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How Prefabricated Platforms Can Improve Your Workflow!

Prefabricated platforms are great for ensuring accessibility and safety in your worksite or facility. At Northern Platforms, our team is proud to offer a range of easy-access loading and unloading solutions that can improve the efficiency and safety of your workplace. Our offering of prefabricated platforms from ErectaStep is an incredible way to avoid workplace injuries while boosting your site’s overall return on investment. Next, we’ll discuss how ErectaStep prefabricated platforms can improve your facility’s efficiency and how Northern Platforms can help you find the right platform for your application. Keep reading to find out more!

One Solution, Many Applications

ErectaStep’s prefabricated platforms are easy to configure and assemble, which makes them perfect for adapting to numerous applications. Since they feature lightweight aluminum components, these platforms are also easy to move from location to location, with no heavy cranes or boom trucks necessary! Finally, these prefabricated platforms bolt together with just a wrench; no welding or additional fabrication is required. That means no matter the application, ErectaStep’s prefabricated platforms can step up to the challenge.

Efficiency Where it Matters

When it comes to business, time is money. So spending precious time designing, building, and installing a custom access solution can significantly hit your bottom line. However, ErectaStep’s prefabricated platforms are more cost-effective than custom-engineered systems. Also, they are designed to be installed quickly without special tools. In addition, these prefabricated platforms can speed up your production process by allowing your staff to travel safely from point A to point B easily.

Longevity and Quality

Another way ErectaStep’s prefabricated platforms can improve your worksite’s workflow is that they’re built to last! With ErectaStep’s prefabricated platforms, you don’t have to worry about lost time due to replacements or replacement costs. Each access solution is expertly manufactured with longevity in mind. Since these prefabricated platforms are modular and customizable, you can also quickly transfer them across your facility with minimal complications, thus decreasing any potential downtime associated with moving them.

Expert Support

At Northern Platforms, our team of experienced safe access solution experts can help you with all of your prefabricated platform needs. Our team will visit your site, identify potential challenges, design a custom prefabricated platform solution to suit your needs, and ensure the installation is completed efficiently. With our innovative custom configuration tool, the Northern Platforms team can show you detailed drawings of your prefabricated platform solution in just a few minutes. Our modelling tool lets you see the precise measurements of the final product before installation and offers you an accurate quote based on our design concept.

Northern Platforms is Your Choice for Prefabricated Platforms

Many industrial facilities, construction sites, railyards, and more can benefit from utilizing prefabricated platforms and other safe access equipment. With numerous possible configurations and modular platforms available at Northern Platforms, our team is here to ensure your site has the safe access solutions you need to work efficiently and safely. In addition, we also offer safety swing gates, gangways, crossover ladders and more, so when you need safe access solutions, our team is here to help! Contact Northern Platforms today to learn more about ErectaStep’s prefabricated platforms.