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Focus on: Truck Loading Safety

Is your hauling fleet equipped for safety?

As one of the top industries with the potential for significant workplace injuries and hazards, the transportation sector has an increased need for trustworthy safety solutions. As of 2019, one of the biggest concerns on any job site is falling, which becomes even more dangerous when dealing with hauling units like flatbeds or tanker trailers.

Northern Platforms is one of Western Canada’s top sources for safe access and fall protection equipment, including products from top industry names like SafeRack (we are Western Canada’s exclusive source for SafeRack), ErectaStep, YellowGate, and more. Below, we’ll talk about 4 key elements to be used in ensuring your flatbed trucks have fall protection in place. Read on to learn more!

Why Fall Protection Matters

Fall protection is essential to OH&S compliance / OSHA compliance, which requires that fall protection be available at certain heights, as well as in any instances where the risk of falling over dangerous equipment and machinery may be present. Without the proper measures in place, you greatly increase your risk for deadly falls and significant injuries to your crew members. At Northern Platforms, we’re passionate about putting safety first, and will always partner with your team to find the best solutions for every job site and application. Key fall protection items for flatbeds include:

Tarping Systems

Tarping systems work as a great deterrent for falls by removing the risk of crew members standing on or walking on a trailer itself. As an easy to install and remove measure, tarp systems are the first line of defense that also keeps your cargo safe from exposure and external damage.

Dedicated Access Equipment

Flatbed loading and unloading benefit greatly from equipment specifically designed to facilitate easier, safer, access. Gangways, portable platforms / rolling stairs, overheard fall arrest systems and other such resources can be an invaluable asset to your team that allows everyone to get to work with peace of mind and maximum safety in place.


Handrails are a great addition to portable platforms, as well as flatbed units where your crew will need to stand on the bed of the truck itself. When put in place you’ll be able to help prevent slips and falls caused by tripping and reduce the risk of a significant incident.

Harness Systems

Harness systems are another strong asset for fall protection and can go a long way toward ensuring your site is OH&S complaint / OSHA compliant. Self retracing lifelines and harnesses tied into an overhead fall arrest system / anchor point can greatly lower your risk threshold.

Fall Protection Solutions and More at Northern Platforms

Northern Platforms is proud to offer your team the products and solutions that we offer are built to meet or exceed your needs, and our experts are always here to help you find the perfect custom fit. From loading racks to gangways, spill containment and loading arms and more, Northern Platforms has you covered, every step of the way!

In addition to an expansive product line, Northern Platforms also offers assistance with turnkey installation services and preventive maintenance, meaning you can trust us to help your crew reach where they need to go, every step of the way! Learn more by contacting our team today!