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Find the Perfect Swing Gates to Keep Your Site Safe

While safe access platforms, walkways, and loading racks are vital for the safety of workers in your facility, swing gates are another piece of the puzzle that needs to be considered in your overall fall protection plan. At Northern Platforms, we’ve been providing clients, like you, with the fall protection solutions they need to maintain a safe and regulation-compliant workplace. We offer a range of safe access solutions such as rolling platforms, gangways, etc. Our offering of YellowGate self-closing swing gates is a critical component of your fall protection plan. Below you’ll learn more about how swing gates keep your site safe and some of the additional benefits YellowGate offers. Continue reading to learn more!

Keep Safety a Priority

The safety of your worksite is paramount to maintaining successful operations and staying compliant with local operational health and safety regulations. Providing adequate fall protection systems is one of the key ways to protect your employees and worksite. On-site safety equipment such as rolling stairs, catwalks, and swing gates serve as a means of fall protection as they keep your employees safe while also allowing them to pass through and perform their duties. Swing gates are a vital component of your fall protection system as they complete any site’s safe access systems. In particular, swing gates are a passive form of fall protection that allows individuals to pass through them while also ensuring the stability and security necessary to complete their tasks.

At Northern Platforms, we carry a range of safe access solutions to ensure that your work facility is secure. YellowGate swing gates are designed to reduce the risk of on-site injuries by limiting operators from accessing hazardous zones. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of YellowGate swing gates.

Strength and Versatility

Safety equipment should be one of the most reliable pieces of equipment in your facility; that’s why YellowGate is built to last. Although, as mentioned previously, swing gates are a more passive form of fall protection, they ought to still survive through the wear and tear of regular use. YellowGate’s aluminum gates are great for indoor or outdoor use and can be used as access gates, facility restrictions, and more. Aside from being durable for any worksite, YellowGate swing gates are also highly versatile. With features such as adjustable length, swing direction, and a universal mounting system, these handy swing gates can protect a range of pathways. The universal gate design, in particular, makes ordering these swing gates from Northern Platforms easy, as all you need to do is order however many your site needs. That’s it! There are no additional pre-installation steps required.

Get a Custom Fit

Ensuring the safety of your employees can require some customization. Fortunately, YellowGate is there to meet your worksite’s needs. Through their universal gate design, these swing gates can be custom fitted to your operations. As previously mentioned, the universal gate design allows these gates to mount to various areas. However, there’s more to it than just mounting. The versatile design also allows you to change the swing directions by adjusting a few bolts. You can easily repurpose these gates to fit your facility as your operations change and grow.

Partner with Northern Platforms Today!

Ready to increase your facility’s safety? Northern Platforms’ team of experts is here to help. We are proud to offer industry-leading products from manufacturers like YellowGate, SafeRack, ErectaStep and more! As Western Canada’s premier safe access distributor, we look forward to partnering with you to make your site secure. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.