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Find the Bottom Loading Arms You Need at Northern Platforms!

Bottom loading arms are becoming an increasingly popular loading solution for numerous industries and loading applications as they boost safety and productivity. Regardless of your industry, Northern Platforms will surely have the innovative and high-performance bottom loading arms you need to manage whatever fluid-handling applications your operation is doing. Below, we’ll discuss some of the primary advantages of using bottom loading arms and some of Northern Platforms’ most popular bottom loading arm models. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Use Bottom Loading Arms

Bottom loading arms are incredible loading solutions, providing numerous advantages over conventional top-loading. One of the main advantages of bottom loading arms from Northern Platforms is that they ensure the operator’s safety. By using these loading arms, the operator remains safely on the ground; instead of on top of the truck or railcar. Another advantage of bottom loading arms is that connections can be made significantly faster, reducing the time spent loading. Moreover, bottom loading arms also reduce the amount of turbulence and vapours, lowering the chance of static electricity and environmental hazards. Overall, bottom loading arms from Northern Platforms are an excellent loading solution that can enhance your operations’ safety and efficiency.

Bottom Loading Arms at Northern Platforms

When it comes to bottom loading arms, there are numerous models and styles to suit almost any application. At Northern Platforms, we are proud to offer a range of OPW Engineered Systems bottom loading arms. Below we’ll cover some of the most common bottom loading arms from OPW that Northern Platforms offers:

Counterweight Bottom Hose Loader

Installation and operation are easy with Northern Platforms OPW counterweight bottom hose loaders. These hose loaders feature adjustable counterweights mounted on horizontal rails, so finding your desired balance point is simple! This easy maintenance design and carbon steel construction ensure efficient handling and coupling to tank adapters. Furthermore, the OPW counterweight bottom hose loader easily meets API envelope requirements.

Unsupported Boom Bottom Loader

OPW’s unsupported boom bottom loader is manufactured to provide both flexible long-range operation and heavy-duty configuration that is reliable and simple to use. This bottom loader offers maximum flexibility as it is adjustable and features swiveling capabilities making it an incredibly versatile bottom loading arm option. Moreover, the unsupported boom bottom loader can be equipped with dry-disconnect couplers, quick couplings, breakaway couplings or other end fittings, depending on your requirements. Overall this bottom loader is an excellent choice for operations that require a low-profile, easy-to-operate loading unit for their railcar loading applications.

A-Frame Loader

Northern Platforms’ OPW A-frame bottom loading arm, is one of the most popular loading arm configurations available on the market today and for a good reason! This compact loading arm is adjustable for various elevations and tilting during loading and unloading operations. The A-frame loader is also fully customizable to suit your unique applications and is available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum for guaranteed material compatibility. Furthermore, the A-frame bottom loading arm can be mounted on staggered risers next to one another for maximum loading/unloading efficiency of concurrent compartment trucks. If you’ve been searching for an easy to operate bottom loading arm that eliminates your need for hoses, Northern Platforms has you covered!

Your Trusted Source for Bottom Loading Arms and More!

At Northern Platforms, we proudly offer a comprehensive inventory of loading arms, including bottom and top loading arms, from OPW Engineered Systems. Our selection of bottom loading arms is an excellent loading solution for hydrogen loading, petrochemical, and liquefied gas applications. As Western Canada’s premier source for safe access and loading solutions, Northern Platforms is your trusted distributor of OPW bottom loading arms and more! Contact us today to learn more about our inventory of loading solutions.