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Find Portable Access Stairs for Any Job at Northern Platforms

Are you looking for a safe access solution that doesn’t compromise mobility? At Northern Platforms, our team is here to help! As Western Canada’s most diverse distributor of loading and access products, we have the products and inventory you need to keep your operation moving along steadily. With brands like ErectaStep, SafeRack, RollaStep and more available at Northern Platforms, we will be your dependable choice for safe access solutions. Learn more about our mobile access stairs below!

What are Portable Access Stairs

Portable access stairs or mobile access platforms can be pretty simple in design. Depending on the application, most portable access stair systems are essentially a ladder or staircase that has been outfitted with casters and handrails. These rolling steps can easily be moved from point A to point B to ensure efficiency and versatility. Typical applications for portable access stairs include but are not limited to stock rooms, maintenance areas, equipment access, railcar loading, and even onboarding aviation! Anywhere a ladder or staircase is necessary rolling steps can provide a mobile option instead.

At Northern Platforms, we offer a range of mobile access platforms for any application. Whether you’re looking for platforms like RollaStep’s MP series stairs with removable handrails or something self-levelling like RollaStep’s G series, Northern Platforms will have the safe access solutions you need to keep your workplace safe.

Safety and Mobility in One Package

The main advantage of portable access stairs is their mobility. Having access to stairs that can easily roll across your facility increases productivity while maintaining safety. The broad base and extra supports enhance the stairs’ overall stability without compromising the platform’s mobility. The handrails also support your employees by providing them with more stability when climbing up or down the stairs, even when carrying products or tools. This combination of safety, strength and mobility lowers the risk of fall injuries in your facility while increasing efficiency.

Versatile and Simple to Use

Portable access stairs are versatile tools that worksites can utilize for several applications. Mobile stairs can be positioned in various ways across your facility, and in comparison to a permanent structure, they have a significantly reduced footprint. That means less floor space is taken up by the stairs leaving you more significant navigating space. Almost anyone can use mobile access stairs too! Depending on which series from RollaStep or SafeRack you choose, these units are essentially a “grab and go.” This means that as long as your employees are trained on fall protection, they require no additional training to use. Employees essentially only need to push the stairs into position and then climb.

In particular, RollaStep’s offering of mobile access platforms features a broad base and stairs, non-slip and self-draining tread, powder-coated handrails, a six-square-foot work platform, and a complete toe board on the platform to prevent tools from falling. Their line of mobile stairs is lightweight and has four base models to choose from. However, if RollaStep’s base models are missing something special for your application, Northern Platforms can offer you a custom solution!

Ready to Learn More?

For over 20 years, Northern Platforms has been Western Canada’s trusted choice for loading platforms, stairs, swing gates, and more! We are a family-owned and operated company based out of Alberta; our team strives to meet your needs with unbeatable service and support. We treat you like family, from turnkey installation services and maintenance assistance to a personal customer service experience. Aside from RollaStep and SafeRack, we also provide customers with an extensive inventory of products from brands you know like ErectaStep, YellowGate, OPW Engineered Systems, and more! To learn more about our mobile access solutions, contact our team today!