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Factors to Consider When Investing in Prefabricated Platforms

Prefabricated platforms are excellent safe access solutions for any warehouse or industrial facility. These highly versatile platforms provide economic, safety, and efficiency-related advantages. However, before investing in prefabricated platforms from Northern Platforms, it’s essential to be aware of some of the critical factors that will influence your prefabricated platforms’ design and cost. Below, we’ll discuss some of these factors that will impact the design of your prefabricated platforms. Continue reading to learn more!

Factors that Impact Prefabricated Platform Designs

Typically, prefabricated platforms are used as aisles or walkways to ensure safe warehouse or industrial facility access. These platforms can help workers navigate and transport goods and equipment across warehouses and facilities without interrupting other operations. At Northern Platforms, we proudly distribute prefabricated platforms from ErectaStep to customers across Western Canada and beyond. When investing in prefabricated platforms, a few factors need to be considered to ensure you receive the best safe access solution for your operations. Below are a few of these critical factors.

The Layout

Before purchasing prefabricated platforms from Northern Platforms, the layout is the first factor you need to consider. Do your prefabricated platforms need to go over a pipe or conveyor belt or around another hazard? Or does your facility require a prefabricated platform that doubles as an observation deck or work platform? These are essential questions to ask as they can help determine the overall layout of your prefabricated platforms.

Structural Drawings

Once you’ve determined a rough layout for your prefabricated platforms, you’ll need to consult your facility’s structural drawings to ensure the platforms have a safe and stable installation area. This is a critical step, as understanding how and where your prefabricated platforms can be safely installed ensures the overall safety and efficiency of the structure. Once you’ve determined the structural integrity of the area where your prefabricated platform will be, you may need to adjust the layout.

Elevation Information

The next significant factor impacting your prefabricated platforms is the elevation you’d like them installed. Not only is elevation critical for the design of your prefabricated platforms but also for their overall structure. Depending on the height of your prefabricated platforms will need to reach additional safety features such as self-closing safety swing gates or other fall protection may be required. Moreover, understanding your elevation requirements will help in designing and installing your prefabricated platforms in accordance with your operation’s particular needs.

Load Bearing Capacity

Finally, your required load-bearing capacity is critical for determining your prefabricated platforms’ overall design and structure. This information is vital as overloading prefabricated platforms is a serious health and safety risk as it may result in dangerous accidents or severe damages. So when investing in prefabricated platforms from Northern Platforms, consider your required load-bearing capacity to ensure the safety of your workers and the structural integrity of your safe access solutions.

Prefabricated Platforms from Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, our team of safe access solution experts can visit your facility and assist in determining the optimal layout and design of your prefabricated platforms. Our team can even create a digital design of your prefabricated platforms so you can receive an accurate quote and image on the layout before you decide to invest. Overall, prefabricated platforms from Northern Platforms are an integral piece of safe access equipment for industrial and commercial facilities as they provide operational, logistical and economic benefits.


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