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ErectaStep Products at Northern Platforms

Looking for safe access and loading solutions that allow your site to excel and operate at maximum efficiency, while also staying on the right side of OH&S and OSHA standards? Northern Platforms is here to help! With one of Western Canada’s largest inventories of rolling stairs and crossover platforms from ErectaStep, as well as an extensive range of loading platforms and more, our team is proud to partner with businesses in a wide range of industries to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. Below, we’ll highlight 3 of the most common benefits for crossover stairs. Read on to learn more!

Access Heights Safely

Safe access at heights to the ability to retrieve products in high places comes with a certain level of risk, which can be easily mitigated through the use of a rolling platform or set of rolling stairs. Having a solid platform and access points allows your team to go about their work safely, without risking the falls or slips that may otherwise occur. ErectaStep products are highly customizable with the option to include additional safety measures like swing gates or adjustable heights as an extra level of protection where necessary.

Functional Crossovers

Certain facilities benefit exponentially by having access equipment that allows them to go up and over the general floor layout for their operations, giving you plenty of space on the ground, as well as better options overall. Crossover platforms and rolling stairs can be used overtop of conveyors in manufacturing plants, as well as out of the way of machinery, ducts, piping, cable trays, utility boxes or other factors that would otherwise pose hindrances. With your safe access over your equipment, you’ll have more floor space and less stress.

Pre-Engineered Safety

ErectaStep is a patented, pre-engineered and pre-manufactured stair kit that has durable power coated handrails and are built using advanced last cutting technology that offers superior quality and durability. ErectaStep’s versatility lends itself to use in a wide variety of industries, from petrochemical to manufacturing, to aerospace and oil & gas, ErectaStep has a solution for any industry. We can save you the time of having to generate drawings, wait for a quote, wait for a lead time and wait for installation. With our online configurator tool, we can design and quote your system within the same day. Because we have ErectaStep in stock, we can design today and install tomorrow!

Proudly Partnered: ErectaStep and Northern Platforms

At Northern Platforms, our top priority is, and always will be making sure your team has access to the highest quality safe access solutions, including crossover and rolling stairs for your warehouse or job site. ErectaStep is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and we are proud to partner alongside them to stock a wide variety of their solutions in our inventory for your convenience. Designed to offer superior versatility and performance, ErectaStep’s modular design can be configured to any need with only 5 modular components. When all parts are combined, you’ll have an all-in-one solution that doesn’t require any field fabrication and can be set up quickly for maximum convenience.

Alongside our ErectaStep solutions, you’ll also find the best safety swing gates in the market from YellowGate. YellowGate’s self-closing safety gates are fantastic for sites of all kinds, and can safely close off openings between 16″ to 36″ to provide a safe working environment in any gated, barrier, or railing needed area. For optimal convenience, the gates come in variable lengths, have adjustable swing directions, compatibility with all different types of mounting systems, and plenty of other top-tier options.

For rolling steps and platform options that are easy to use, built to last, and designed to give you the best return on your investment, contact Northern Platforms today!