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ErectaStep at Northern Platforms

Is your team in need of modular platform systems you can trust? Northern Platforms is Canada’s first choice when it comes to safe loading platforms including access products by top brands like ErectaStep. Known for their exceptional quality and performance, ErectaStep access platforms and stairs make it easy for crews to reach elevated areas with minimal risk and enhance daily operations. Northern Platforms is pleased to be an official distributor of ErectaStep and to carry a wide range of their products, including rolling stairs and access platforms. As an industry leader for over 20 years, ErectaStep has built a trusted reputation. Find out why, as well as the benefits ErectaStep access platforms and stairs below!

Unbeatable Quality

ErectaStep is a well-known name within the industrial loading solutions industry, and for good reason. Since arriving on the scene over 2 decades ago, the brand has consistently set a higher bar for quality and innovation on a wide range of stair kits suitable for use with multiple industries. Each of ErectaStep’s pre-engineered and pre-manufactured stair kits are built using advanced laser-cutting technology and patent-pending designs in order to ensure superior performance as well as OSHA compliance. In addition, ErectaStep’s new International Building Code (IBC) compliant stair series are manufactured and engineered with heavy gauge steel and designed to stand the test of time.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing products from ErectaStep is the versatility in terms of applications. Access platforms and stairs can be used for many different purposes, but are predominantly depended on to facilitate the safe movement of workers and equipment in areas that would otherwise be unsafe to reach. In manufacturing plants, platforms and stairs are useful for crossing over pipers and conveyors, as well as HVAC systems and packaging lines. When all 5 parts of ErectaStep’s modular framework are combined (Prefabricated Metal Stairs, Metalwork Platforms, Industrial Handrails, Aluminum Stairs/Ladders and a Tower Support) the result is a comprehensive safe access solution that is sturdy, requires no fabrication and quickly bolts together for optimal convenience.

Northern Platforms is also proud to be a Canadian stocking distributor for YellowGate Self Closing Safety Gates for pairing with modular access systems. The YellowGate Safety Gate offers adjustability to safely close off openings between 16″ to 36″ to provide a safe working environment in any gated, barrier, or railing needed area. Variable lengths, adjustable swing directions, mobility, and universal mounting systems are a few key features that make the YellowGate Safety gate superior to other comparable products. YellowGate is the industry leader when it comes to supplying Safety Gates & Swing Gates in a range of industries, which include petrochemical, manufacturing, commercial and Oil & Gas.

Key benefits of choosing ErectaStep solutions include:

Easy to Start: When you need to get set up fast, ErectaStep has you covered. The modular design requires just 5 components to assemble and requires no fabrication. Each unit comes with simple instructions and a wrench to help you get started.

Reusable: ErectaStep solutions are both cost effective and dependable thanks to the fact that they can be easily moved and reconfigured as needed, saving you time, money, and plenty of headaches.

Shorter Lead Times: ErectaStep products are designed to be in stock and hassle free, and with the five standardized components and high-tech manufacturing process behind each stair set, ErectaStep delivers safety systems to you quicker than ever before.

Safety First: OHSA/OH&S compliance is built into every one of ErectaStep’s products, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your solutions are built to code and designed to keep everyone safe.

Long Life of Service: When dependability and longevity count, you can trust ErectaStep to have you covered. Each product is manufactured out of high quality aluminum which is built to last, saving you time and reducing your spend over time.

Ready When You Are: Northern Platforms has ErectaStep in stock and we can ship out your system as soon as tomorrow! With custom configurations and more available, the perfect fit is just a phone call away!

Ready to learn more about ErectaStep? Contact our team today!