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Ensure Safety and Accessibility with Catwalk Platforms

Ensuring your employees can navigate obstacles or hazards securely is essential to maintaining a productive and safe work environment. This is where catwalk platforms from Northern Platforms come into play, providing a practical and efficient solution to enhance accessibility while minimizing safety risks. Below, we will explore typical applications for catwalk and crossover stairs, emphasizing the significance of these platforms in various industrial settings. Keep reading to find out more!

The Importance of Safety and Accessibility

Industrial catwalks and crossover stairs are essentially the same and are sometimes referred to as crossover ladders or platforms. These solutions play a critical role in improving safety and accessibility across numerous industrial settings. Workers naturally tend to take the shortest and simplest routes, often disregarding potential safety risks. By incorporating catwalk platforms in your facility, you create designated pathways that not only enhance safety but also make it easier for employees to access hard-to-reach areas.

Common Applications for Catwalk and Crossover Stairs

Industrial catwalks and crossover stairs are versatile access equipment that enables your crew to navigate your facility securely. While these safe access solutions can be used in a wide variety of applications, some of the most common applications include the following:

  1. Over Pipes: In many industrial facilities, pipelines and conduits are often elevated and can create obstacles. Catwalk platforms serve as a safe and efficient solution for workers to access these areas while ensuring their safety.
  2. Rooftops: Getting over HVAC and heating/cooling ducting systems on rooftops can be a challenge. Catwalk platforms provide an elevated path for employees to navigate these rooftop installations securely.
  3. Cable Trays and Instrumentation Lines: Industrial facilities often have an intricate network of cable trays and instrumentation lines. Catwalk platforms allow workers to access and maintain these systems with ease.
  4. Containment Berms: In settings where containment berms are in place for spill control, catwalk platforms offer a means to access and inspect these berms, ensuring they are in proper working order.

Customizable Catwalk Platforms

At Northern Platforms, we proudly offer ErectaStep industrial catwalk platforms that are both lightweight and customizable to fit your facility’s unique needs. These platforms are designed with simplicity in mind, making installation straightforward. But if you prefer a hassle-free installation, our team at Northern Platforms can handle the installation work for you!

Digital Customization Configuration

To ensure the optimal configuration for your catwalk platform, Northern Platforms offers the expertise of our team of safe access solution experts. They will visit your facility to identify potential challenges and design a catwalk platform tailored to your specific safety requirements. Using a digital customization configuration tool, we provide detailed blueprints of the access solutions we recommend so you can visualize the finished catwalk platform before installation and understand the final quote.

Catwalks, Gangways, Fall Protection and More

Catwalk platforms are crucial in enhancing safety and accessibility across various industrial applications. These platforms are essential for navigating numerous obstacles, such as pipes, rooftops, cable trays, and containment berms, ensuring your workers can perform their tasks securely.

Northern Platforms, with our customizable and easy-to-install catwalk solutions, is your trusted partner in elevating safety and accessibility in your industrial setting. Trust us to provide the right catwalk platform to meet your needs and enhance your facility’s safety.

Contact us today to learn more about installing an ErectaStep catwalk in your facility!