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Enhancing Workplace Safety with Northern Platforms’ Industrial Work Platforms

Companies often face the dilemma of choosing between quick and cheap access solutions or investing in quality products that provide long-term benefits. At Northern Platforms, we firmly believe that understanding the unique needs of your operation and providing top-tier access solutions are the keys to success. That’s why we go above and beyond the competition to find solutions tailored to your facility’s unique needs. Continue reading to learn more about how Northern Platforms stands out from the competition and why ErectaStep should be your top choice for industrial work platforms. 

Why Quality Matters

When searching for industrial work platforms, opting for quick and cheap solutions can be a tempting but short-sighted approach. Cheaper alternatives seem appealing due to their lower price tags, but they come with inherent risks. These safe access solutions often compromise on materials, construction, and size, which can impact their durability and safety.

At Northern Platforms, we prioritize products like ErectaStep’s industrial work platforms as they are designed for heavy-duty industrial settings, built to last, and engineered explicitly for robust heavy-duty cycles. We believe in offering value for the long term rather than settling for quick fixes that might cost you more in the long run. 

ErectaStep: Versatile Industrial Work Platforms

One of the standout access solutions in our inventory is ErectaStep’s industrial work platforms. Their modular design allows for easy installation, eliminating the need for on-site fabrication. These platforms are OHSA/ OH&S compliant, precision manufactured, and ready to be shipped ASAP. Some benefits of these industrial work platforms include an aggressive self-draining tread, ADA and IBC compliance, versatile configuration options, and a universal design on all four sides. Northern Platforms’ team can even digitally craft design drawings at your site, providing you with accurate quotes and a clear visualization of how your new ErectaStrep industrial work platforms will integrate into your facility. 

Personalized and On-Site Understanding

One of the ways Northern Platforms stands out from the other suppliers is our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients. We don’t just rely on emails and phone calls to understand your unique needs; we take the extra step to visit your site and understand your applications. Our dedicated sales team is local, ensuring a quick and responsive approach to your needs. By coming to your site, the Northern Platforms team can better educate you about our products and terminology, providing a holistic understanding of how our solutions can enhance your operations.

Expert Guidance and Customization

At Northern Platforms, we take pride in our comprehensive inventory and expert customer service. If you’re uncertain about the right industrial work platform for your facility, our team of safe access solution experts is here to help. We can visit your site, assess your needs, and custom configure a design drawing to showcase how our recommended access solutions will fit into your facility. This hands-on approach allows you to make an informed decision and ensures that the solutions you choose are a perfect fit for your unique requirements.

Moreover, we don’t stop at product sales. Northern Platforms offers various supportive services, including installation and preventative maintenance. Our turnkey installation services ensure that your equipment is set up in a safe and timely manner, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

A Commitment to Safety

At Northern Platforms, we understand the significance of workplace safety. We stay updated on industry standards and work diligently to provide the best solutions to address the most frequent workplace safety concerns. Our mission is to eliminate the leading causes of preventable injuries and fatalities, both in the workplace and beyond.

When it comes to industrial work platforms and access solutions, Northern Platforms stands as a reliable partner committed to your safety and success. Make the savvy choice and prioritize safety, quality, and long-term benefits with Northern Platforms. Contact us today to get started.