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Discover the Benefits of Spill Decks with UltraTech and Northern Platforms

Does your worksite make the most of onsite safety using spill decks and containment products? With both environmental protection and worksite safety continuing to be driving issues for the industrial sector, the importance of spill decks and related safety equipment is paramount. At Northern Platforms, we understand the need for spill containment solutions and are proud to partner with industry-leading manufacturers like UltraTech to make sure you have access to the best options on the market when it matters most. Learn more about the benefits of spill decks, as well as partnering with Northern Platforms. Read on to learn more!

Why Use Spill Decks

If your operations involve the constant handling and distribution of liquids or corrosive materials, spill decks are an essential part of adhering to environmental standards as well as OSHA/OH&S and more. Spill decks catch and securely store spills and leaks that may leach from drums, and prevent them from damaging your workspace or harming employees. All spills are safely contained in the spill deck until you have the chance to deal with them accordingly, giving you, and your crew, plenty of peace of mind. There are multiple benefits to using spill decks, including:

1. Safe Clean Up

Because spill decks consolidate and contain chemical leakage, spills, and overflow, clean-up is much easier to facilitate overall. With removable grating and other features making it simple to remove and safely dispose of waste, keeping a clean site can be faster, and more hassle-free than ever!

2. Cohesive Workspace

The majority of spill decks can be interlocked to create a bundled work floor that protects your whole work space from spills and leaks. This is fantastic both from a remediation and operations standpoint as it minimizes the damage caused by spilt chemicals over time. Decks can easily be custom fit to your space and can be fixed with screws to prevent shifting. With extreme durability and performance on your side, even the heaviest job sites can enjoy increased safety.

3. Reduce (Cross) Contamination

Contamination and cross-contamination are some of the biggest issues facing worksites that handle dangerous materials. Being able to easily contain the spill drastically reduces the risk of chemicals spreading or mixing and creating noxious fumes. Intermixed chemicals pose a significant risk to everyone’s safety and can cause violent reactions like fires, explosions, etc.

4. Stop Corrosion

Corrosion is a pervasive problem and can be hard to prevent without the right tools in place. By preventing cross-contamination and contact with machinery etc, spill decks help to stall corrosion in its tracks and keep your equipment and worksite in the best condition possible.

UltraTech at Northern Platforms

For nearly 20 years, Northern Platforms Ltd has brought Western Canada the best safety solutions on the market, including spill containment solutions and more. We’re proud to partner with industry-leading providers like UltraTech, which has built a trusted name and reputation for excellence. With over 400 unique products and a focus on unbeatable quality, UltraTech spill containment products pave the way for worksite safety, one spill deck at a time!

Learn more about UltraTech and other safe loading solutions at Northern Platforms by contacting us today!