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Crossover Stairs Custom Fitted for Your Facility

On an industrial work site, employees must regularly face plenty of safety risks. Taking shortcuts over or under a pipe or production line is a common occurrence in the industrial field and an issue safety managers ought to resolve as soon as possible. Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) keeps a watchful eye out for these safety issues. Slips, accidental falls, and injuries can easily occur around obstacles that should have a designated crossover point. Crossover stairs are the perfect solution for this safe access issue, and luckily, Northern Platforms is here to help you get a custom fit for your facility. As one of Western Canada’s largest distributors of loading platforms, crossover stairs, safety gates and more, our team is proud to work with businesses in various industries to provide them with the safe access solutions they need. Below, we’ll discuss crossover stairs and some of their common uses. Keep reading to learn more.

What are Crossover Stairs?

Crossover stairs, also known as crossover ladders, bridges, and platforms, are a safe route over obstacles or hazards. They’re designed to provide workers with a direct path across a particular area that otherwise could be dangerous or disruptive of workflow. It’s human nature to take the shortest, more convenient course available, even if it isn’t the safest option.

At Northern Platforms, we provide businesses like yours with the safe access solutions they need to keep their employees safe. Our line of ErectaStep and SafeRack stairs and industrial maintenance work platforms feature an innovative, lightweight design that you can customize to your specific needs. Installation is easy as it only requires a few hours and a wrench. Northern Platform’s team of experienced professionals can assist you in determining the best safe access solution for your facility.

Get From Point A to Point B

Moving from one area to another is one of the primary uses for crossover stairs. They’re beneficial for transporting items and workers over tricky areas of your facility. Crossovers of all types can be positioned over workstations, machinery, ducting, or other problem zones that you need access around. They’re also handy for on-the-ground conveyance equipment, like forklifts and pallet trucks, as they give workers a safer and more straightforward option for navigating the workplace while clearing up floor space for your equipment.

Stay Safe

Crossover ladders and stairs are also commonly used for isolation purposes around hazardous areas that still need to be accessible but in a highly secure manner. For example, suppose your facility deals with dangerous chemicals that need to be stored in a particular way, say inside of a protective berm or containment dike. In that case, crossover stairs can provide access to the storage area without having your workers come into direct contact with the chemical. In addition to hazard zones, businesses can utilize a crossover ladder in regions that must be isolated from workers. They provide your staff safe access across your facility without jeopardizing a seclusion zone.

Partner with Northern Platforms for Safe Access Solutions

Workplaces like your own can experience exponential benefits using access equipment like crossover ladders and stairs. At Northern Platforms, our highest priority is the safety of your team. We are sure our wide range of safe access solutions will provide you with versatile, high-quality options to keep your site secure, from safety swing gates and rolling steps to crossover ladders and more. Contact us today to learn more about how crossover stairs can improve your workplace!