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Comparing SafeRack’s Truck Loading Platforms: Which is Best for Your Operations?

When your operations need a safe and reliable way to load trucks, railcars, and trailers, Northern Platforms is here to help! Our extensive inventory of safe access solutions and fall protection can ensure that your operations are safe for your workers and compliant with local health and safety standards. With decades of experience, Northern Platforms is here to assist you with your safe access solutions needs. Below we’ll take a closer look at two truck loading platforms from SafeRack. Keep reading to find out more!

Defining Truck Loading Platforms

Truck loading platforms, sometimes called truck loading racks or access platforms, are vital pieces of safe access equipment. In their most basic form, truck loading platforms are a platform with a ladder or staircase-like structure that enables your staff to safely and quickly reach the tops of trucks and trailers. While many operations will use scaffolding instead of truck loading platforms, that option isn’t as safe or cost-effective. At Northern Platforms, we recommend using a truck loading platform with a SafeRack SAS gangway or a SafeRack MAUI. Ensuring the safety of your employees is a top priority for your operations. The team at Northern Platforms is here to help you determine the optimal truck-loading platform for your applications.

Comparing SafeRack’s SAS and MAUI

Northern Platforms is Western Canada’s premier distributor of SafeRack equipment and products. We are proud to partner with trusted manufacturers like SafeRack to ensure that our customers can access industry-leading safe access solutions. When your operations need reliable, high-quality, safe access solutions, SafeRack’s SAS gangway and MAUI are built to perform! SafeRack is an industry leader in safety, quality, and performance. Both the SAS gangway and MAUI truck loading platforms offer unbeatable performance and add value to your operations. Below we’ll compare these two units.

About the SAS Gangway

The SAS (Self-Adjusting Star) from SafeRack is an excellent truck loading platform gangway for operations that work with trucks and trailers that vary in size. This truck loading platform is self-levelling and articulating, so the SAS can adjust to fit regardless of the truck or trailer height you’re working with. That also means you don’t have to worry about dismantling and reassembling the SAS every time you load a new truck. The SAS also has a positive lifting and lowering system (spring counterbalance) to ensure the safety of your operators and drivers while the truck loading platform is in operation. Also, the SAS gangway has a reduced number of weld points compared to other products. Hence, its operational life is significantly longer. Finally, the SAS gangway can be retrofitted to be a perfect replacement for your old truck loading platforms. Overall the SafeRack SAS gangway brings excellent safety, performance and value to your business.

About the MAUI

In comparison, the SafeRack MAUI (mobile access unit portable platform) is created to prioritize portability and durability. The MAUI is a robust truck loading platform with a 500-pound load capacity. In addition, the MAUI is constructed from weather-resistant, heavy-duty aluminum. It features no-flat tires so that it can withstand in-house or field operations. Similarly to the SAS gangway, the MAUI has a telescoping ladder so that it can accommodate a variety of truck and trailer heights from 10′ to 14′. If you’re looking for a rugged truck loading platform that can stand up to tough jobs, the SafeRack MAUI is your best choice!

Your Source for Safe Access Solutions!

Northern Platforms is proud to be a Canadian family-owned and operated business that provides a range of industries with high-quality, safe access solutions and fall protection. With decades of experience under our belts, the team at Northern Platforms can assist you in determining the best access solutions for your operations so that you can remain OSHA and OH&S compliant. In addition to our comprehensive inventory, Northern Platforms also offers turnkey installation services, maintenance support, and more! Ready to learn more about our range of truck loading platforms? Contact Northern Platforms today!