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Canada’s Choice For ErectaStep Products

In all industries, especially heavy industrial industries, the safety of the workers and the equipment comes first. It is essential to have a secure worksite in order to avoid any work-related accidents and delays in production. Northern Platforms is one of Western Canada’s leading safe access equipment and platforms sources. Our team proudly offers access solutions and modular platform systems that make handling shipping and accessing equipment and inventory easy.

We are proud to partner with the top manufacturers in the industry to ensure a wide range of products that offer you maximum efficiency. Our extensive inventory, including the ErectaStep, provides our clients with access platforms and stairs that are durable and safe for your team. With Northern Platforms, you will no longer worry about accessing and navigating higher areas with the risk of a fall. With the largest inventory on hand in Canada, read on to learn more about the benefits of ErectaStep below!

Safety is Our Priority

Our ErectaStep is pre-engineered to allow personnel on your site safe access up, over and around any obstructions you may have on site, without the risk of falling or injury. The use of a rolling platform or set of rolling stairs enables safe and easy movement, no matter the height. The ErectaStep can be manufactured with highly customizable options to incorporate the measurements you need while maintaining the necessary safety measures. Depending on your needs, our experienced team can include swing gates, adjustable heights or any extra level of protection where required.

Trusted Quality

Loading solutions are necessary for most heavy industries- they provide safe and secure solutions at the worksite. Our customers trust Northern Platform to vet our manufacturers to ensure trusted quality, no matter the circumstance or the application. ErectaStep has proven exceptional results to their name with over two decades of consistent, high-quality performance and longevity in every situation. Built using advanced laser-cutting technology, ErectaStep offers superior performance and OSHA & OH&S compliance.

Functional Solutions

Crossover platforms and rolling stairs are exceptionally beneficial to certain facilities as they go over the general floor layout for operations, allowing you plenty of space on the ground. ErectaStep can also be used overtop of conveyors, machinery, ducts etc., to avoid hindering any ongoing processes. With more floor space available and safe access over your equipment, ErectaStep ensures a smooth and stress-free workflow.

Partner With The Best

Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality equipment for safer loading and unloading operations. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for SafeRack LLC in Western Canada and provide you with an inventory of ErectaStep, RollaStep and YellowGate stock.

Making sure your team has access to the best quality safe access solutions is Northern Platform’s top priority. In fact, ErectaStep is one of the most trusted names in the field, which you can find in our extensive inventory, alongside a wide range of high-quality solutions.

Contact Northern Platforms today for rolling steps and platform options that are safe, easy to use, and built to last. Our solutions are designed to give you the best return on your investment.