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Benefits Of Truck Loading Arms

Finding a loading solution that boosts productivity and ensures safety is a necessary priority for those working in the trucking and hauling industry. Loading arms are becoming the most common standard for reliable loading and unloading operations in all sectors, as they particularly excel where durability and performance are concerned. Typical applications for loading arms include asphalt truck loading arms, sulfur truck loading arms, diesel truck loading arms, gasoline truck loading arms, chemical truck loading arms and propane truck loading arms.

Northern Platforms offers you a leading inventory that features the highest quality products, including SafeRack, OPW and Yellowgate. We are proud to supply you with options you can trust throughout Western Canada. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our truck loading arms.

Safe Environment

Avoiding workplace injuries is the ultimate challenge within the worksite. You need to consider factors that can put your crew’s safety at risk, such as struggling with floor space or constantly tripping over hoses. Loading arms are the perfect solution to eliminate said factors as they are mounted off the ground during operation. If the loading arms are not being used, they can easily be folded and stored away, providing more floor space for the crew. The versatility of the loading arms allows for a safer work environment and seamless adaptability in general.

Longevity and Compatibility

Loading arms are commonly used in worksites and applications that require repetitive motion, which usually results in premature wear and tear of your hoses. Our unique construction of truck loading arms allows them to seamlessly handle repetitive movements over and over without causing excessive strain. Investing in our truck loading arms is a life-long investment as they are built to last decades – you can simply remove old parts and replace them with new ones to increase the longevity of the loading arm.

Not only are the loading arms long-lasting, but they are also compatible with the systems you have in place. The experienced loading solutions providers will seamlessly integrate the loading arms with any system, including gangways, fall prevention cages and platforms. Investing in our truck loading arms will give you peace of mind and protect your ROI.

Adaptable Applications

Our bottom loading arms provide an enhanced level of security by having the operator stationed on the ground. As the bottom loading arms are designed with a spring counterbalance, they allow for a quicker loading time and the ability to reach more openings than other models. They also improve efficiency, ergonomics and general housekeeping at your loading rack.

Our top-loading arms are used in various applications and provide a wide range of options from splash loading to flexible reach supported boom arms with vapor recovery. Other options include scissor or boom arms that are adaptable for rail and tank trucks. The adaptability of several options like dry disconnect fittings, overfill protection and hatch plates/vapor recovery will also help you save money and enhance the efficiency of the production.

Trust Northern Platforms

As a family-owned and operated business, Northern Platforms is dedicated to ensuring that your truck or rail loading system will work as safely and efficiently as possible. Visit our loading arm inventory or contact us today to learn more about our truck and rail loading solutions.