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Benefits of Portable Access Platforms: What You Need to Know

If your team has recently found itself facing a challenge that involves having to access high up places, load heavy equipment, or navigate difficult areas well above ground level, it’s time to look for an OH&S/OSHA compliant access solution you can trust.

Each year, countless jobs that involve heights result in unfortunate mishaps and injuries that cost companies millions of dollars and ultimately put the lives of their employees at risk. Portable access platforms can be a fantastic way to mitigate such dangers while also increasing your overall efficiency and boosting ROI. With a wide range of applications and easy to use design, portable access platforms are an invaluable resource to any operation. Learn more about the perks of using platforms below!

No Shortage of Applications

First and foremost, one of the major perks of mobile access units is their versatility and adaptability. MAUI Mover runs from 6-8 hours on a single charge and can be adapted for use with trucks and railcars in the field, for example, meaning that you’ll have a safe unit to use, no matter what your application may be. With OH&S/OSHA friendly safety features built-in, your crew can feel confident while working, expediting the process and giving your team a much-needed boost when it matters the most.

Heavy Industry Friendly

Another benefit to the versatility of portable access units is the enhanced compatibility with a wide range of industries, including construction, oil & gas, mining, forests, petrochemical, and many more. The ability to adapt units in the field makes it easy to take them from job to job, and the low maintenance needs of MAUI units means you can rest easy knowing your crew is in good hands.

Perfect for Both Long and Short Term

When it comes to choosing access solutions, it can often be difficult to select between the higher costs of permanent solutions and those that are better suited to short jobs. With portable access units, you get the best of both worlds in the superior durability and performance of the unit, alongside the ease of being able to easily move your portable access equipment from site to site with minimal complications.

Northern Platforms: Your Source For Safe Access Solutions

For over 18 years, Northern Platforms has been proudly supplying Western Canada with leading safe access solutions including portable access platforms, loading racks, loading arms, and more. Based in Leduc, Alberta, our team believes in offering exceptional customer service as wells as unbeatable products to provide an all-around stress-free experience from start to finish. Alongside our vast inventory, you’ll also find extensive services dedicated to assisting with turnkey installation services and preventive maintenance, meaning you can trust us to help your crew reach where they need to go, every step of the way.

Learn more about our portable access platform solutions as well as our extensive range of other items by contacting our team today!