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A Closer Look at ErectaStep’s Industrial Work Platforms
Are you considering installing a new industrial work platform in your facility? Are you looking for one that is versatile and offers numerous benefits? Northern Platforms has the access solution equipment that you need! At Northern Platforms, we are proud to be the premier distributor of ErectaStep industrial work platforms. For over 20 years, ErectaStep has been manufacturing high-quality, innovative, versatile metal stairs and access platforms. As your Canadian supplier of ErectaStep platforms, Northern Platforms is here to help you find the industrial work platforms you need to keep your facility safe. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of ErectaStep industrial work platforms.

Effortless Assembly and Installation

ErectaStep’s industrial work platforms are incredibly versatile. These work platforms are simple to assemble and install as they feature modular, lightweight aluminum components. Installing one of these platforms only takes a few hours and requires little more than a wrench. If you ever need to move or reconfigure your industrial work platform, you won’t need to use a boom truck or heavy crane. In addition, ErectaStep’s industrial work platforms can also be outfitted with handrails, stairs, and safety swing gates, as they have standard bolt holes on every side. So if you need a work platform that is lightweight, versatile, and easy to assemble/ disassemble, then you need ErectaStep’s prefabricated industrial access work platforms from Northern Platforms.

Features and Benefits

Aside from the versatility and easy installation ErectaStep’s industrial work platforms offer, there are several other benefits your facility can reap from this safe access solution. The modular design of these work platforms doesn’t require any on site fabrication. It can quickly be bolted together in a wide range of configurations. From providing your facility with metal stairs, crossovers, work platforms, and more ErectaStep’s prefabricated industrial work platforms can be used almost anywhere. ErectaStep’s work platforms are OHSA/ OH&S compliant, precision manufactured, in stock and ready to ship from Northern Platforms. Some other benefits you can attain from these versatile industrial work platforms are as follows:
  • Aggressive Self-Draining Tread
  • Compliant with ADA and IBC
  • 36” Square Platform can be Connected with Additional Platforms for Custom Configurations
  • Universal Design on all Four Sides
  • And More!
At Northern Platforms, our team of safe access solutions experts can visit your site to digitally craft a design drawing in minutes for your industrial work platform. That way, you can see precisely how the ErectaStep platforms will come together in your facility, and you view accurate quotes. Plus, our team of experts can assist you from start to finish. When you need reliable and high-quality industrial work platforms, Northern Platforms is here to help!

Find Your Next Industrial Work Platform Today!

Since 2002, Northern Platforms has been a leader in the safe access equipment, loading racks, and loading arm industry. We’ve been assisting facilities and businesses in determining the best industrial work platforms for their needs. Northern Platforms is proud to offer a range of safe access solutions and turnkey services as a family-owned and operated business. Contact us today to learn more about our offering of ErectaStep industrial work platforms!