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4 Top-Loading Arms for LPG and SULFUR Loading Applications

Top-loading arms are commonly used for loading railcars and trucks with LPG and sulfur. At Northern Platforms, we are proud to be industry leaders in distributing top-loading arms across Western Canada. Below, we will introduce you to four popular top-loading arm options from OPW Engineered Systems and a loading arm accessory that can make temperature-sensitive loading applications easier. Keep reading to find out more! 

Supported and Unsupported Boom-Style Loading Arms

Northern Platforms’ OPW Boom-Style top-loading arms are a great option for facilities with variable reach applications. The Supported and Unsupported styles offer unparalleled flexibility, long-reach capabilities, and ease of operation, making them a popular choice in sulfur and LPG loading applications. Aside from their ease of use, the Supported and Unsupported Boom-style loading arms can both be folded back against your loading platform for convenient and compact storage. 

Some other features and benefits of these top-loading arms include:

  • Available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” sizes
  • Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum 
  • The support section can be added to maximize both reach and weight limit capabilities
  • Your choice of flanged, threaded, or all-welded construction 
  • Adaptable for tight-fill or closed-system loading when equipped with additional components available at Northern Platforms 

Scissor Style Top-Loading Arm

The OPW Scissor Style top loading arms at Northern Platforms are primarily used in tanker truck loading and unloading operations where the reach is less than 120”. This loading arm is designed explicitly for top-loading applications requiring a variable operating range. One of the significant advantages of this top-loading arm is that its secondary arm can rotate 360° in the horizontal plane, providing your operators with a spotting allowance almost twice its length, making this top-loading arm a versatile loading solution. 

Here are a few other benefits and features of the OPW Scissor Style top loading arm:

  • Available in 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum
  • Your choice of flanged, threaded or all-welded construction
  • With additional components, it can be adapted for tight-fill or closed-system loading applications

Fixed Reach Style Top Loading Arm

The final top loading arm style that is a popular choice for LPG and sulfur loading applications is the OPW Fixed Reach Style loader. This simple loading arm encompasses only three swivel planes of rotation. The two swivel planes permit both up and down and side-to-side movement, while the third swivel plane ensures the drop pipe stays vertical, making operations simple. If you’re looking to reduce leaks and drips of viscous products after loading, the team at Northern Platforms can ensure that this style of top-loading arm features a valve within the outboard.

Below are a few other stand-out features and benefits of this top-loading arm:

  • Available in 2”, 3” and 4” sizes
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Your choice of flanged, threaded or all-welded construction
  • Can be adapted for tight-fill or closed-system loading when equipped with additional components from Northern Platforms

Custom Insulation Packages for Temperature Sensitive Loading

When loading molten sulfur or other temperature-sensitive chemicals or materials, your operations need custom insulation packages. At Northern Platforms, we have the OPW Custom Insulation Packages, which offer superior heat retention, safety and outstanding range of motion. Compared to field-applied insulation, these custom insulation packages are fully removable and reusable. 

Northern Platforms offers these packages in top and bottom designs, carbon steel or stainless steel and 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” sizes. So if your facility is loading or unloading molten sulfur or other temperature-sensitive materials, Northern Platforms is here to help. 

Find the Loading Arms You Need at Northern Platforms

With our large inventory of OPW Engineered Systems products, including replacement parts, Northern Platforms is your source for all your loading and unloading equipment needs. Let our team work with you to find the right loading arms for your applications.

Contact us today to learn more about our OPW top-loading arms and Custom Insulation Packages.