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4 Essential Features to Consider When Choosing Modular Access Platforms

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your workers, investing in the right equipment is paramount. Companies that prioritize safety not only avoid severe penalties from regulatory bodies like OSHA and OH&S but also create a secure and efficient work environment.

A modular access platform from Northern Platforms is one essential piece of equipment that can significantly enhance workplace safety. These platforms offer versatility, durability, and ease of use. If you’re considering investing in modular access platforms, here are four key features to look for and why the ErectaStep modular access platform stands out. Keep reading to find out more!

1) Corrosion Resistance: Ensuring Longevity and Cost Efficiency

The unpredictable nature of weather and the potential exposure to hazardous chemicals means you need equipment that can withstand these challenges. Corrosion-resistant materials are a must for any modular access platform. With Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep offering, you can rest assured that your investment will remain intact over time, free from rust or corrosion. By opting for corrosion-resistant modular access platforms like ErectaStep, you ensure your workers’ safety and make a cost-effective long-term investment that enhances your operation’s bottom line. 

2) Slip Resistance: Mitigating Fall Risks

Workplace accidents caused by slips and falls can have serious consequences. Slip-resistant surfaces on staircases and platforms are crucial for preventing such incidents. The inclusion of slip-resistant features in Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep modular access platforms provides firm footing even in challenging conditions. Eliminating the common threat of slippery surfaces can significantly improve overall safety levels and reduce the likelihood of these accidents.

3) Ease of Installation: Saving Time and Resources

While fall protection is of the utmost importance, the installation process shouldn’t be a cumbersome task. Some modular access platforms can be complex and time-consuming to set up, causing unnecessary delays and additional costs. Opting for a modular access platform that offers easy installation, upgrades, and configuration can save valuable time and resources. ErectaStep’s design allows for seamless assembly through bolt-together components, ensuring swift deployment and customizability.

4) Mobility and Repurposability: Flexibility for Dynamic Projects

For some projects, mobility and adaptability are key factors. A modular access platform should not only serve your current project but also be flexible enough for future configurations or projects. Configurable platforms and equipment, like those offered by Nothern Platforms‘ inventory of ErectaStep, enable you to tackle more complex projects efficiently. Whether you need to reposition the platform within a single project or repurpose it for different projects or sites, having the correct mobility elements in place ensures efficiency and adaptability.

ErectaStep and Northern Platforms: Your Solution for Safety and Flexibility

Northern Platforms’ ErectaStep modular access platforms embody all the essential features mentioned above, making it a top choice for enhancing workplace safety and efficiency. With its modular components, ErectaStep offers limitless configurations to address your fall protection needs. Let Northern Platforms’ team of safe access solution experts help you custom design an ErectaStep modular access platform system that suits the needs of your operation. 

Contact Northern Platforms today to learn more about our ErectaStep modular access platforms!