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3 Safety Benefits of Truck Access Platforms for the Chemical Industry

Your chemical plant or processing facility is full of potential safety risks to your employees and your business’s bottom line. The nature of the chemical industry is that your staff interacts with many potentially hazardous chemicals daily. That means you need the proper safe access solutions to ensure your employees’ safety and your company’s efficiency. At Northern Platforms, we offer a range of truck access platforms that can be custom-fitted to your chemical plant’s needs. Below we’ll cover three benefits of investing in truck access platforms from your Canadian source for safe access solutions, Northern Platforms. Keep reading to find out more!

1) Protect Your Staff From Unnecessary Risks

Many chemical processing facilities move chemicals in and out of their facilities via tank trucks. While these tanker trucks are the most common and efficient way to transport chemicals, some significant risks are associated with loading and unloading. On these tanker trucks, their loading and unloading hatches are often located on the top of the tank. Without proper fall protection systems, your drivers and staff could easily fall from the tanker. Even with the use of a side access ladder, your employees are still at risk of slipping, falling, or potentially spilling hazardous chemical samples. Truck access platforms from Northern Platforms are the best way to ensure that accessing the tops of tanker trucks is safe and easy. Our team can help you find the right truck access platform for your facility’s unique needs and applications.

2) Protect Your Chemicals from Contamination

Truck access platforms not only protect your employees, but they protect your products as well! When you have a tank filled with valuable and hazardous chemicals, you must shield those chemicals from potential contamination. For instance, some chemicals need to be covered from something as simple as rainwater as it could contaminate or negatively react together. However, with the help of Northern Platforms, our team of safe access solution experts can craft a truck access platform solution that ensures your products stay contaminant free. With decades of experience under our belts, Northern Platforms is your trusted source for safe access solutions.

3) Better and Safer Workflow

Unsurprisingly, workplace injuries and contamination can dramatically decrease your business’s throughput. Suppose your facility lacks the proper truck access platforms and fall protection. In that case, your employees may be risking their safety every time they access the top of your tanker trucks. This could result in drivers and staff cutting corners and risking their overall well-being to get the job done faster. Implementing the right truck access platforms for your facility can improve staff safety and reduce the risk of production-halting injuries or product cross-contamination.

Invest in Safe Access Solutions at Northern Platforms

Investing in a truck access platform can be a significant upfront monetary expense; however, it confirms your commitment to safety and quality production. The long-term benefits of a truck access platform from Northern Platforms include the following:

  • Maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Reducing the total number of accidents.
  • Creating a safer and more efficient workflow.
  • And More!

By investing in a truck access platform, you’re investing in your business’s bottom line.

Ready to learn more about Northern Platforms’ offering of truck access platforms? Contact us today!